Create Email Accounts

In this tutorial we will show you how to create an email account for one of your domain names. Since Eaglecoast provides cPanel-based hosting, we will show you how to use the Email Accounts tool in cPanel to register new email addresses.

  1. You need to logon to our Client Area at click on Client Area
  2. Your Email Address will be the primary Email Address on our Billing System
  3. If you can not member your Password - Click on Forgot Password
  4. Click on Services > My Services
  5. You will see your active services, Click on the right on the 'Active Button'
  6. Scroll down to Quick Shortcuts
  7. Select the Email Accounts link
  8. 8 Select the Add Email Account link

Next, you will need to type in the new Email account you want to create and fill the necessary information for it.

Create email account

Here are the fields you need to fill in, in order to create your new account:

  • Email - enter the email address you want to create. Note, that you can choose only from domains, associated with your account - your primary domain and all addon and parked domains.
  • Password - select a strong password for your new email account. The password strength meter will help you make it secure enough.
  • Mailbox Quota - choose the size of the mailbox. Note, that different accounts have different maximum mailbox size. You will see a note with your specific limitation above this field.

Once you're ready, press the Create Account button at the bottom. That's it, in few seconds, your new email account will be created.

  • Create an email account
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